Call for applications for European Teachers seminar on the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Yahad – In Unum and The Caen Memorial, 8-9 November 2014, France


Yahad – In Unum and The Caen Memorial
European Teachers 2014 Seminar
8-9 November 2014

Call for participation


History teachers in high schools and secondary schools in Europe. Applications from Italy, Portugal, Russia, Balkan States and Eastern Europe are particularly encouraged. Seminar

Yahad-In Unum and the Caen Memorial are inviting European history teachers to participate in a two-day training session on how to teach the Holocaust by bullets and persecution of the Roma in Eastern Europe. This workshop is designed to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the extermination process of Jewish and Roma in Eastern Europe during World War II. The 2014 session is the fourth time that this seminar is offered by Yahad. Participants will also be invited to visit the Caen Memorial permanent exhibition: one section dedicated to Holocaust in Eastern Europe is based on Yahad’s research. Dates and Place

The workshop will be held in French and English, on November 8 and 9, 2014 at the Caen Memorial. Participants are requested to arrive no later than November 7 and will return on November 10.
Accommodation and transportation expenses will be paid by the organizers.


All teachers interested in attending the seminar are requested to send a letter of interest and a resume until 15 August 2014 to the following contact: Lillia Votler at

For more information, please contact Lillia Votler at More information and contacts can be found here.