Асоціації усної історії_Азія

Oral History Archives of Japanese Art: Founded in 2006 by a group of art historians and curators, the Oral History Archives of Japanese Art is an organization that is devoted to conducting interviews with individuals involved in the field of art, and collecting and preserving the results as historical documents. On this website, we publish transcripts of these interviews as part of an ongoing project. Although most of the interviews are conducted and available only in Japanese, in the English section of our website, we publish some that are partially translated.

Iranian Oral History: the Iranian Oral History website started its work unofficially from the February of 2008 simultaneously with the 4th Professional Iranian Oral History Seminar and inaugurated officially in February of 2009, simultaneously with the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Persian and English are the basic languages of this website. One of the important aims of this website is to create a proper environment for debating different thoughts and opinions in the field of oral history. The other aim of this website is to establish connections with oral history scholars and societies in and out of the country and presenting the latest oral history achievements and information via these links.

Japan Oral History Association