An Oral History Bibliography. A Research Guide by the Columbia University Center for Oral History

Table of Contents

I.     Manuals and Practical Guides                          
II.    Methodology and Theory                                   
III.   Fieldwork, Projects, Processing and Distribution 
IV.   Community Projects         
V.    Ethics and Responsibilities      
VI.   African-American Studies       
VII.  Anthropology and Folklore      
VIII. Body Narratives           
IX.   Education             
X.    Human Rights and the Law     
XI.   Memory            
XII.  Narrative, Orality and History      
XIII.  Psychology and Trauma         
XIV.  Sociology           
XV.   Social History         
XVI.  Women & Gender Studies       
XVII.  Journals             
XVIII. Video and Audio Recordings       
XIX.   Selected Examples of Oral History-based Texts  

This comprehensive  oral history  bibliography was developed for the public’s use by the Columbia University Center for Oral History  in 2009 by Project Coordinator Elizabeth Grefrath. Research Assistants Kaley Bell and  Jared Rosenfeld  generously assisted on this project. Bibliographic citations were developed through a process of cataloguing office-housed articles.

     The Columbia University Center for Oral History  is one of  the world’s leading centers for the practice and teaching of oral history. Our archive, located in the Columbia University Libraries and open to the public, holds more than 8,000  text and audio  interviews on a wide variety of subjects. Our mission is to record unique life histories, documenting the central historical events and memories of our times, and to teach and do research across the disciplines.

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